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Performance Aero are very excited to announce that we have teamed up with WhirlWind Propellers. We are now an authorised Australian distributor for these fantastic products.

About WhirlWind Propellers

WhirlWind Propellers were established in 1995 to meet the growing demand for composite constant speed aviation, airboat and wind propeller systems. Fulfilling its goal of manufacturing affordable high-performance propeller systems, Whirl Wind offers a complete line of standard and aerobatic constant speed propellers that are light weight, durable, and best of all, made in the USA.

About W530 Composite Blades

The WhirlWind W530 all-composite blades are designed to fit the existing V530 propeller hub on M-14P engine powered aircraft. The W530 blades have an updated blade twist distribution, new airfoils and a unique profile to give improved take-off, climb, and cruise performance with smooth quiet operation. The unique Whisper Tip™ scimitar blade planform reduces aerodynamic transonic drag, increases efficiency and reduces prop noise. This means more performance for your airplane, and less noise from the propeller.

The W530 has an increased diameter of 98.5” (250cm) which translates to better climb performance.

Smooth & Powerful Operation

The first characteristic the pilot will notice is how much more smooth the propeller operation is compared to the old wood V530 blades. This is possible because the composite blades are manufactured from WhirlWind’s patented design & manufacturing process using advanced aerospace thermo-set composites. Every W530 blade is exactly the same in dimension, twist and contour. Thermo-set composite graphite material will ensure the blades are structurally and dimensionally stable for life regardless of environmental conditions.

Additional Features

Through intelligent engineering and the use of high-tech composite materials, the WhirlWind W530 blades are 6 lbs lighter than the original wood blades. The W530 blade has a flush bonded electroformed nickel leading edge that provides superior fit and durability unmatched by any other leading edge method. The nickel leading edge shield wraps around the tip providing maximum abrasion protection as well as for a low drag tip design.


New W530 Original Wood V530
Diameter: 250 cm (98.5 inches) 240 cm (94.5 inches)
Construction: Thermo-set Aerospace Graphite composite Wood
Leading Edge: Flush bond Nickel Riveted Multi-piece Stainless
Weight: 15.5 lbs (6 lbs savings per set) 18.5 lbs


V530 Composite Spinner

The Whirlwind 20 inch diameter composite spinner will transform your airplane from Yak trainer to Yak Fighter.

This spinner kit is designed to be install on V530 and W530 propellers (M-14P engines).* Please specify V530 or W530 blade style:

  • Performance Aero - Whirlwind PropellersLow Drag
  • Lightweight (7.5 lbs)
  • Graphite Composite Construction
  • True Aerospace Quality
  • Ready to Install on your V530 Propeller and Fly!
  • Spinner kit includes: Spinner, Front & Rear Bulkheads, Trimmed & Fitted blade cut-outs, and all hardware and brackets
  • Finish: Primed and ready for paint


Please phone 07 3277 0459 or email for further details and pricing.

Performance Aero - Whirlwind Propellers Performance Aero - Whirlwind Propellers

GA Propellers

While we do not stock GA propellers, we are able to supply all of the Whirlwind Propellers blades and spinners  Please visit for more details.

Whirlwind GA Propellers & Spinners


Performance Aero accepts no liability for any product supplied that is manufactured by a third party company. The client agrees to rely upon the warranty provided by Whirlwind Propellers. Please visit their warranty page by clicking here.